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Has your elevator or escalator been cited for violations year after year?

  • If so, this is a direct reflection on the deliverable being provided by your maintenance provider. All too often maintenance companies utilize these reports to react to the needs of the equipment.

  • Preventative maintenance should be proactive. A robust maintenance program will almost always ensure continued code compliance.

Have you been issued proposals for upgrades or out of scope work?

  • The reactionary nature of many elevator contractors leads to premature wear and tear and large-scale repairs. It is commonplace for these repairs to be labeled as upgrades, or out of scope, placing the financial burden on the conveyance owner.

Does your maintenance agreement truly protect you?

  • A robust proactive plan with mutually agreed upon terms and conditions ensures a fixed vertical transportation operating budget and safety and reliability for passengers.

Our maintenance audits cover over 100 inspection points, contract analysis, and a comprehensive report. Providing you with the information you need to manage your elevator portfolio and protect one of your buildings largest investments.

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Our Clients See an Average Return on Investment of OVER 200%! 
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