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Elevators are complicated pieces of equipment, with complex compliance requirements, complex maintenance contracts. This all means that you likely spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring the safety and compliance of your elevators.


We at PEI are elevator and escalator industry professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in all facets of the elevator business. No one is more uniquely qualified to protect your investment and ensure the safety of the riding public.

Cost Savings

  • Over the years we have been able to illustrate an average ROI of 200%. For every dollar you spend with PEI, on average we save $2. 

  • We can do this by utilizing our extensive industry network, leveraging our relationships for your gain.

AHJ Specific Rules         

  • The code landscape in the State of Colorado is a complex one. Depending on the elevator/escalator’s location, a unique set of complex rules are implemented. Without being able to expertly navigate these statutes, often owners are left paying exorbitant fines due to other’s negligence.


  • PEI performs maintenance and safety audits of all pieces of vertical transportation equipment, ensuring a trained eye, looking out for your best interest, is auditing the safety of the equipment.


  • Elevator and escalator maintenance contracts are intentionally difficult to navigate! With a vague deliverable, covered items, and responsibilities, often elevator contracts benefit the maintenance provider, not the owner!

  • PEI develops unit specific scopes of work, ensuring that your elevator contract is clear and concise, protecting your investment and mitigating unbudgeted expenses.


  • Have you ever wondered if the project you just paid $40,000 for was done properly, and meets industry standards of workmanship and quality? PEI performs on site audits of all major repairs to ensure compliance with the scope of work, quality, and workmanship. 

  • PEI manages the process from scope to punch list, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our Clients See an Average Return on Investment of OVER 200%! 
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