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Professional Elevator Inspections provides annually inspections of existing passenger and freight elevators, along with lifts to comply with ASME A17.1 and Colorado Rules and Regulations.


Routine inspection of an elevator includes, but is not limited to: 


  1. Elevator Equipment Room:

    • Confirm current safety tests, controller wiring & grounding, presence of jumpers, wiring from mainline disconnect to controller, room lighting, operating temperatures, fire extinguisher, room condition and closing and locking operation of the machine room door. 

    • Traction Elevator --- Condition of hoist machine, sheave, governor and hoist governor ropes. 

    • Hydraulic Elevators --- Condition of pump unit, belts, oil line and shut off valve. 

  2. Elevator Car: 

    • Check operation of door detections system, door closing force, emergency communication, emergency light and alarm, door open/close cycles, run/stop switch, car position indicators, consistency of leveling, cab finishes, handrail and lighting. 

  3. Elevator Hoistway: 

    • Check operation of cartop inspection station, lighting service receptacles, access panel, limit switches, interlocks, door closers, door operator, gate switch, door restrictor, selector, rails and guides.

    • Traction Elevators --- condition of hoist and governor ropes, and all fastenings. 

  4. Elevator Pit: 

    • Check stop switch, access, sump cover, car buffers, lighting, service receptacles, car guides and housekeeping. 

    • Traction Elevators --- safety plank, counterweight and car buffers, governor and tail sheave. 

    • Hydraulic Elevators --- oil line condition, supports, shut-off valve and pit can. 

  5. Other items will be included as required by Code.

  6. PEI shall comply with ASME A17.1 to perform category 5 witness testing. 

  7. PEI provides building owners with cost effective solutions for code compliance.

  8. PEI provides written notification of any deficiencies found during the inspections to the AHJ, building owner/property manager and general contractor if applicable. Notifications shall continue for re-inspections until all deficiencies are corrected. 

  9. PEI’s guidelines for all Conveyances within the State of Colorado: 

    • The guidelines for safety code requirements specified in the current ASME A17.1 Code for Elevators. 

    • ASME/B-44 Code for elevators communications based on the initial in-service date of the elevator being inspected. 

    • The current State of Colorado guidelines for Conveyance Maintenance Control Program. 

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