Frequently asked questions


I already have an elevator company, why do I need you?

The State of Colorado requires that a "Third-Party" conduct an annual inspection of all conveyances to ensure the safety for everyone invovled. Although your elevator company is mainly responsible for your conveyance working properly, you still need to get a "Third-Party" inspection every year.

How often do I need to get my elevator inspected?

Third-Party inspections are required to be completed annually by the State of Colorado. In addition to the annual inspection, 5-year witnessed safety test must be completed every 5-years by both the maitenance company and your third-party inspector.

You gave me a "TCO", when can you come fix it?

As your third-party inspector, we cannot perform any maitenance or repairs on your conveyance. You must contact your maitenance provider, who will be able to correct the problem for you.

My maitenance company hasn't done my annual safety test, should you still come inspect?

How much do you charge?

When do I need to get my elevator inspected?

How do I schedule my inspection?


Can you fix my elevator?

Who should I use for my elevator maitenance?

Can you talk to my elevator company for me?

My elevator company won't correct my TCO, what should I do?

Do you have any tips for saving money on my maitenance?

I am looking at doing a modernization on my elevator, should I just use my current maitenance provider?


What areas do you serve?

We currently inspect anywhere in the State of Colorado, and offer consulting in Colorado and Wyoming.

How can I pay for my services?

Do you have someone I can contact if I have questions?